Exercise of the Week

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Asymmetrical Load Front Squat

This is a great squat variation that one can supplement into their workout.

The asymmetrical load will challenge your trunk and hip musculature to prevent unwanted rotational and lateral movement.

Here are some RKC squat guidelines that will be helpful.

  • Maintain a neutral spine
  • Keep heels and toes planted
  • Make sure the knees track over the toes
  • Initiate the ascent with a grunt
  • Make sure the hips and shoulders ascend at the same time
  • Women need to make sure not to apply pressure to their chest with the kettlebell.

Start the squat by pushing your knees apart while pulling yourself down with your hip flexors. Keep the lower spine straight and the abdomen pressurized when ascending. You want your squat to look like you have an equal load on both sides.

I prefer a kettlebell for this movement because it creates a better connection between the hand, arm, and body.  Dumbbells are bigger and more cumbersome but can be used if a kettlebell is not available.